How To Choose Your Decor Colour Keeping In Mind Your Outfit

How To Choose Your Decor Colour Keeping In Mind Your Outfit
2020-10-20 11:08:52

So we have been observing this cool new trend, which probably was always around, but wasn’t so obvious before- coordinating the bride and the groom’s outfits to the decor. While earlier of course everyone made sure the outfits and the decor complemented each other, now they either contrast or coordinate it to an extent that escalates the whole look and feel of the wedding! And if you wanna know what we’re talking about, then here’s some cool inspiration and tips!

  • If your lehenga is heavy with embroidery try and keeps the backdrop simpler. Eg: doing a busy floral wall is great if you have a light lehenga in a nice plain fabric but if you have a busy lehenga too, it looks like too much happening in photos.
  • Try to not pick the same colors as your own outfit in the decor. Ex: If your decor is baby pink and so is your outfit then you don’t want to be getting lost in the decor backdrop.
  • However, if your decor is baby pink and your outfit is Fuschia pink it works perfectly as it complements your outfit but still lets it stand out.
  • Avoid picking deep colors for the stage backdrop (if you are having a stage). They can create dark photos and not highlight the couple.
  • If by a chance your decor does happen to be in the same colors as your outfit, then make sure the seat you are sitting on is a contrast- this will help break the colors and make sure you don’t blend in.
  • You have to consider the groom’s outfit in this too, so don’t forget that!
  • Picking a hint of an element like a pop of color works well- like if you have an outfit which has two prominent shades, pick the lesser prominent of the two and base the color scheme of your decor around it.
  • Discuss where and how to execute the color scheme- what is the feel of the wedding you are going for? Loud and happy, or calm and peaceful? That should help you decide whether to go brighter or sober.
  • When you’re having your wedding also matters- day or night. Pastel with pastel works well for a day wedding, but remember it might not have the same effect at night under the lights. So you might have to consider something brighter for the decor.

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