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If you’re still deciding the venue for your destination wedding, this is the right place for you. Here you’ll be able to acquire all the necessary information to set up a wedding along with the estimated cost of a destination wedding in Udaipur. Udaipur has now established itself as a top-notch venue for having a destination wedding. It attracts couples from all around the world aspiring to live their King/Queen Size dreams of having a Royal Wedding in Udaipur.

We’ve split the cost of a wedding into three categories:

High Budget Royal Wedding, Moderate budget Royal Wedding, Budget-friendly Royal Wedding.

Cost of Destination Wedding in Udaipur

High Budget Royal Wedding

The most luxurious wedding that can be set up in Udaipur is the ‘Fairy Tale affair in between water’ that is possible if you choose The Jagmandir Island as the wedding venue, it cannot accommodate people but there are other hotels of HRH property available for the accommodation of guests nearby. The cost of 1 ceremony in Jagmandir Island is Rs. 20 lakhs+ taxes for 100 guests, if the guests exceed the 100 limits then Rs. 9000+ tax per person for the guests ranging from 101-200 limit. If the 300 guests are expected to attend the ceremony then Rs. 8000+ tax per person for guests ranging from 101-300, and if the guest limit is 400 guests then Rs. 7000+ tax per person for 101-400 guests.

Therefore if we calculate a wedding ceremony in Jagmandir Island:

For 100 guests: 20 lakhs + taxes

For 200 guests: 29 lakhs + taxes

For 300 guests: 36 lakhs + taxes

For 400 guests: 41 lakhs + taxes

The above charges include venue charges, standard decoration cost, Shehnai and nagadas, Standard buffet and refreshments, and Entertainment. Note that the above is only applicable for 1 wedding ceremony and doesn’t include accommodation and other miscellaneous costs. Another option for having a Royal wedding is in The Zenana Mahal or The Manek Chowk in City Palace Udaipur which was once the royal palace of the Maharanas. The cost for both the venues is the same as Jagmandir Island. The accommodation of guests can be done in other HRH properties like Shiv Niwas Palace and Fateh Prakash Palace, the price per room will range from Rs23, 000 to Rs1, 32, 000 per night. Other locations for having a High Budget Royal Wedding include The Leela Udaipur: Rooms starting from Rs40, 000 and meals per person range from Rs3500 to Rs6500 per person. Decoration and other charges for the wedding are exclusive. Oberoi Udai Vilas: Rooms starting from Rs45, 000 and meals per person range from Rs3500 to Rs6500 per person. Decoration and other charges for the wedding are exclusive. Discussing Décor cost, the grand wedding will surely require unique elaborate decoration stuff which will cost around 30-35 lakh. Transportation charges will be according to the transport selected, a private car will cost around 2, 500 to 3, 500 per day. An elite photographer will charge around 1.5 lakhs – 2 lakhs per day. The high budget destination wedding in Udaipur will approximately cost around Rs1 Cr to 1.5 Cr.

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