Cost of a Royal Wedding at Umaid Bhawan Palace Jodhpur An Overview

Cost of a Royal Wedding at Umaid Bhawan Palace Jodhpur An Overview
2020-11-11 16:37:50

Jodhpur needs no introduction when it comes to the most exotic locations in India for planning a destination wedding. With a vibe of rich culture and romance blended in the aura of the city, it is ideal for any couple to plan their destination wedding in Jodhpur!

Apart from the glorifying history and mesmerizing beauty, Jodhpur offers a range of astonishing venues that capture the essence of the city to exchange vows!

Umaid Bhawan Palace, a palatial wonder that sits high above the beautiful city of Jodhpur and is one of India’s most stunning wedding destinations, is a perfect venue to host a royal palace wedding in Jodhpur. Extended on the land of about 26 acres including 15 acres of garden, the Umaid Bhawan Palace is famous for its awe-inspiring architecture, lush landscaped gardens, decorative fountains, and staggering pavilions. This palace has recently won the title of the “World’s Best Hotel” within the Traveller’s Choice Awards organized by TripAdvisor.

The overwhelming services of the palace ranging from exotic spas to mouth-watering cuisines leave the guests stupefied and wanting for more.

The Umaid Bhawan Palace offers 4 top-notch indoor venues and 6 splendid outdoor venues to exchange the vows.

Umaid Bhawan Wedding Cost:


Umaid Bhawan Palace is a part of the Taj Group and is a perfect blend of luxury and tradition. The palace has 6 splendid outdoor and 4 top-notch indoor venues so that you have multiple options to choose from depending on your liking and requirement.

Indoor Venues

If you are planning to have a royal and historical type wedding then Umaid Bhawan Palace has 3 splendid indoor location such as:

  1. Marwar Hall: This hall is a darbar hall of the Maharaja where he hosted his private functions. This hall is 3850 square feet means it has a capacity to hold more than 160 peoples. And it offers Rajasthani and Continental foods.

  2. Rathore Hall: This hall is the same as Marwar hall it of the same size but its Italian structure makes it different from Mewar Hall.

  3. Chamber of Princes: This is the smallest indoor venue of Umaid Bhawan Palace of 960 square feet it can accommodate 35 - 40 peoples.

Outdoor Venues

If your wedding date allows you to tie your knots outdoor then Umaid Bhawan Palace lawn and courtyard is the perfect location. It can hold a large number of guests.

  1. Badari lawns: This lawn is the largest area of Umaid Bhawan Palace it is approx 17,500 square feet. It is located with the front and center of the palace as a backdrop, so the couple can feel royalty on their special day. This lawn has a capacity of holding 700-750 guests.

  2. Other lawns/ courtyards: If you planning for a small outdoor setup then you can opt for Lancer Lawn. It is 9000 square feet long and it can hold up to 300-350 guests. But you need some accommodations with some gathering then The Museum Courtyard and fountain courtyard is the perfect choice for you. The Museum Courtyard is 3000 square feet and holds up to 100 guests and The Fountain Courtyard is 1330 square feet and can accommodate 75 guests.


Jodhpur food needs no description it is famous among all. And Umaid Bhawan Palace has 3 mind-blowing restaurants Risala, Pillars, and Trophy Bar to maintain the taste of the Jodhpur food. The price of the food per person for a complete meal is Rs. 12,000.


The Umaid Bhawan Palace has a total of 347 rooms and it can accommodate 700 to 750 guests. It has plenty of rooms and suites like Maharani Suite, Maharaja Suite, Regal Suite, Royal Suite, and Deluxe Rooms choose according to you. The room cost starts from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 77,000.

If you have 200 total number of guests then:

  • Accommodation: 60-70 lacs
  • Food: 20- 25 lacs

  • Total: 85- 95 lacs


Umaid Bhawan Palace is the epitome of Rajasthan’s rich culture and history at its best. That made it a popular location for many high profile weddings, for recent we know that Priyanka and Nick Jonas have tied their knots in this precious location. If you planning for your special day to be like them then contact the best wedding planner in Udaipur which can make your wedding day memorable with their experience. 

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