Destination Wedding Decor Idea for 2021

Destination Wedding Decor Idea for 2021
2020-12-26 12:20:06

A wedding ceremony is a special moment in everyone's life, and the couple has lots of dreams to make it more memorable for them. As per the new trend, the couples are also looking for a destination wedding, inspired by Bollywood movies. There are several things to be considered for destination weddings, and decoration always remains on priority. 

New Wedding Decor trend in 2021 includes:

  1. Entrance:


    Entrance will be the first thing observed by your guests at your wedding. So the decor of the entrance should be amazing, it cant be plain. And the decoration of the entrance area depends on the venue. You can have entrances with royal heritage style or decorated with a flower or other types of entrances. Flowers, ribbons, garland, or any elements, can be used for decoration.

  2. Aisle:

    Decorating an aisle is optional, but we suggest and prefer decorating it instead of keeping it empty. Decorating the aisle with a red carpet and evenly spread flower petals is one of the ways to make it adorable. When you walk in, the path looks appealing and makes you happy that you decided not to leave it empty.

  3. Pew Decoration:

    Pew Decoration means to decorate the sides of the chairs at the wedding ceremony venue. It makes your chairs look more appealing. Pew decoration will contribute more to your aisle decor and connect the entrance with your arch decor.

  4. Altar/arch/chuppah:

    Couples are getting more and more creative with their wedding arch decorations. No matter, the arch is romantic or modern, an adorable arch makes the wedding ceremony much more exotic. 

  5. Wedding Reception Decorations: The wedding Reception is another celebratory part of the wedding. The reception has a large area to decor, and here is a list of the areas to decor so that you don't miss any spots.
  • Stage:

    The wedding stage is the center of attraction to all at the wedding reception. Many professional event management companies suggest allocating the most significant chunk of your decoration budget for the stage. It is not a surprise that the wedding stage is the main focus of the ceremony and the backdrop of almost every wedding photo.

  • Centerpieces:


    If you have organized a sit-down dinner, then centerpieces are a must. Although you have a standing party, centerpieces are still essential for the VIP and family tables. It can be simple, like decorated with flowers in a glass vase, little decor elements, or other creativity. With properly decorated centerpieces, your guests will feel a warm welcome, and imagine how pretty everything will look!

  • Lighting:

    Lighting is a significant part of any wedding. It's like oxygen for all the decoration in the venue. Teams of designers and decorators at KP Events & Entertainment work in synchronization to make your decoration look amazing.

  • Seating:

    May you don't find it essential for the ceremony, but the chair you use for a wedding can affect the whole atmosphere. Chairs should be comfortable to have a seat and be well decorated according to the theme to make the venue look more attractive.

  • Table settings:

    If you have a sit-down style dinner at your wedding, the table setting is must required. After the guests' seating arrangement, ensure that they have a pretty table setting waiting in front of them.

  • Flowers:

    When we're thinking about weddings and decorations, it's almost sure that we're going to bring flowers into the picture. After choosing the florist and flowers to use on your wedding day, consult the flowers' types and placement with your decorator.

When you plan a wedding, and just a decoration needs so many things to do, you can't do it on your own. A helping hand requires to ensure that you enjoy the special day, and KP Events & Entertainment - the best destination wedding planner in Udaipur, is here to make your wedding hassle-free.

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